Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Long time no see

hello blogger, yes, long time no see any post on my blog. i'm so sorry guys, yes because of my activity, i couldn't have more time to post anything. Now, i have a leisure to share some posts with all off you.

this month, i think is my lucky month, because i got so many lucky things, there are:
1.i got new costumers who bought so many items at my online shop Cuba Klik SHop , alhamdulillah. Just for info, i made own some tie-dye and gradation shawl:

2. i got a handphone nokia x2-01 from simaoti, because i joined a quiz about film on twitter. "Iseng-iseng berhadiah". unfortunately, i haven't got it because i have to wait a call from trans tv as a media partner. let's see.

3. i joined forum annisa bandung. i got new friends, new experience, new knowlegde of the power of islam. i'll tell this event in the next post.

2 komentar:

  1. salam kenal nisaa...

    already follow you :D

    kalo ga keberatan follow back ya
    thanks ^o^


  2. iya salam kenal juga santril, panggil aga aja ya :) udah di followed yaaa