Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

Surprising Saturday Night

Dec 10, 2011 ago i got a birthday invitation from my friends in HijabersComm_Bdg, teh Lele. She invited me to come to her and teh Ninis and Via (teh Lele's sister who are also my friends in HCB) birthday party in Springs Hills, Dago Pakar and she told that the dress code is 'green'. Indeed, I have no many outfits colored green. However, when I took a look at my wardobe, yeaayyyyy I found a green loose t-shirt. Then, I tried to mix n match it with bloomy pants and shawls from Cuba klik Shop.

What makes me so surprised is I'am the winner of Female Best Dress Code in that birthday party. Wohooooooooo :D

By the way, among the guests, who have been invited, only four or five guests, who wear green dress code, hehehhe.

As the winner, I got a blue dress as a gift. It's so comfy and I like the color.

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