Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Traveling Around the Zoo (Part 1)

Me and my family went to the zoo several weeks ago. The main goal of this visit, off course for introducing several kinds of animal to my niece, Kalista and my nephew, Ghazi. The ticket for 1 person is Rp. 10.000. Fortunately, the zoo was not crowded because of weekdays. We could enjoy every cubicle of the animals there peacefully.hehehe.

Kalista likes a baby Kangaroo, she was hanging on her mom while eating a biscuit. 

Ghazi sat at his red baby stroller while biting biscuit box.

Look! How cute my nephew and niece. Kalista is 18 months and Ghazi is 14 months. Sometimes, they look like a twin. 

so hot in here... manyuuuunnn

coke is not your drink baby boy :D

put the rubbish here


In the next post I'll share you about the animals and lil' bit the place.
Date : 2nd May 2012
Place : Bandung Zoo - Jl. Tamansari Bandung
My Outfits: Batik Shawl (pasar bringharjo) - Batwing Cardigan (Just D' Orange) -
Skinny Jeans (unbranded) - Limme Green Junkiee Shoes

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